Sorting at Skyline

Fast Facts:

  • Sorting incorrectly is worse than throwing everything in the trash– when it doubt, throw it out!
  • If you can eat it, it can be composted
  • One piece of contaminant in the recycling or compost will ruin the entire batch and require it to be sent to the landfill
  • Any materials smaller than 3 inches cannot be recycled

Common Misconceptions:

  • If you throw food in the trash instead of the compost, it won’t break down properly and since there’s not enough oxygen in the pile of the landfill, it releases carbon monoxide
  • Water bottle caps must be on the bottle in order to be recycled
  • Plastic bags of any kind (including Ziplocs) are NOT recycleable
  • Flimsy or soft plastics are NOT recyclable
Trash Talk Project