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View our Ultimate Guide to King County Waste Sorting

The Rules of Waste Sorting: Explained: Download Here

Why is it Important to Sort Waste Correctly?: Download Here

The Numbers on Plastic (Plastic Identification Codes): Download Here

Hard to Recycle Items: Download Here

King County City Sorting Guides: Download Here

Recycling Simplified

Kids Lessons & Activities (Recycling Simplified)

What Goes Where Tool

Recycle Right

Recycling 101

Recycling Resources

Mixed Curbside Recycling Myths

Most Common Contaminants

Where Does It Go? Sorting Tool

Where Does It Go? Brochure

Simplified: How to Sort at Home

Residents, check with your city and hauler regarding approved compostable packaging acceptance in your area.

Virtual Tour of Cedar Grove Composting Facility

Drop off Yard Waste at a Cedar Grove Yard

King County Solid Waste Division:

What do I do with… (King County): Find where to dispose of items that can’t go in your curbside bin

Recycle Right (King County Solid Waste Division)

Compost Right (King County Solid Waste Division)

Food Storage Guide (King County Solid Waste Division): How to store your food so you can waste less and save more!

King County Transfer Stations: For those without a hauling service or need to drop off recycling and compost, visit one of the ten facilities! Guide to Transfer Station Recycling

What To Bring to Hazardous Waste Facilities

Effective Recipes for a Safer Cleaning Kit

Buying Safer Products

Videos- Site Tours and How to Dispose

King County Wastemobile: Travels to communities in King County to provide residents with a place to take their household hazardous waste. Weekly Wastemobile service is available at The Outlet Collection (formerly SuperMall) in Auburn each Saturday and Sunday of the month.

Other Resources

Recycling Right (Washington State Department of Ecology)

E-Cycle Washington: Recycle Computers, Monitors, and Televisions for Free

DTG Recycle: Provides integrated recycling services for commercial, industrial, and construction clients

Paint Care: Find a drop off location near you to recycle paint

Composting At Home Methods (Tilth Alliance)

Composting With Worms! (Tilth Alliance) Worm Bin Plan, Natural Yard Care on Worms

Trash Talk Project